Gaming Corners

Be inspired from gaming enthusiasts who helped build Spectrum gaming monitors from scratch, supported the development process and now shared their epic gaming corners with Spectrum in action. 
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The Best Monitor To Buy Yourself For Christmas!

The Monitor packaging and the monitor itself were absolutely fantastic. The Colors, HDR, Refresh Rate, Response Time, and 4k Resolution is worth every penny. I got this monitor for myself when I upgraded my PC to a 3080 to enjoy my computer to the fullest. I am a casual gamer and content creator, so I needed a monitor with a high refresh rate, and response time yet with a high pixel count and great color calibration. This meets all my ends as other monitors of this caliber usually sacrifice cost or one of these segments one way or another. However, this monitor can do all of it and is perfect out of the box so you don't need to change any settings once you turn it on if you ever had those problems with other monitors (I have plenty of times). In Short, this Monitor is worth the price and does everything it says it does do not disappoint.


Finally, my desk setup has been done! 😸
It was such a great feeling when I combined the wallpaper!

The spectrum has arrived

My monitor and stand arrived in Northern Virginia, US via UPS today. I paid November 25, 2021 and cancelled my order May 4, 2022. After months of not receiving a refund I had my order re-instated on August 29, 2022. I received an email October 10th that shipping would be commencing soon.

The monitor shipped on November 8th from Edison, NJ and the shipper was ShipBob Inc.

So far I have unpackaged the monitor and tested it out with my M1 Macbook Air. No dead pixels and the monitor seems to work fine. Date of manufacture is February 2022 and shipped with firmware 105.

The best monitor I'ved ever owned

Eve Spectrum 4K 144hz HDR Monitor. The best monitor I'ved ever owned. Worth it for gaming, coding, photo, and, video editing.

Smashing piece of kit

Great monitor and worth the money, just not worth the wait, was tempted to buy a different one in the mean time. Impressed with the build and quality.


I ordered the eve in 2020. After many unfortunate and unseen delays, I received my monitor. I was ready to hate it and return it just for the near 2 year wait. However it was clear I got everything I’d wanted and more. Sure there’s been hiccups, updates causing the monitor to bug out. Non responsive selection button at times. But that’s normal for tech. At just over $500 a 4K 144hz monitor with hdmi 2.1 I wish I had bought 4.